What Happened In Water Case, Brazil During 1954?

Pardo River ufo

Regardless of whether we have been visited or merely detected, the approach of UFOs was seen as illogical. They were always the subject to the controversy because their existence is debatable. When a person claimed to spot a flying object that is not readily identifiable, they usually connect it to extraterrestrial beings, but at the end of the day, no explicit photos were captured, or videos of the encounter that took place. However, a genuine encounter with a person that doesn’t believe in aliens at all is worth to listen. In the case of Jose Alves, who lives in Brazil, he was fishing near Pontal on November 4, 1954. The night is quiet; the area was deserted, and there’s only a very slight breeze from the east blowing continuously.

Suddenly, he spotted a bizarre vessel hovering in the sky heading towards him. As it moved, he transfixed and watched it carefully. When it landed on a wobbling motion, it was so near to him that he could touch it. The object he saw bears a resemblance of two washbowls that is being placed together that is about ten to fifteen feet in diameter. Because he was frightened, he could not run. Inside the craft, the three little men with close-fitting skull caps in white clothing appeared from a window-like hole. He does not know who these creatures are, but he is confident that they look like a humanoid with dark skin. Alves watched the small creatures collecting samples of herbs, grass, and leaves of trees. They also included filling the shiny metal tube with water from the river. Once they went back to the vessel, they disappeared swiftly and silently.

Alves is a man of few words. He is dedicated to his family. He does not know anything about extraterrestrial beings. As soon as he arrived in his hometown, he shared the story with the residents of Pontal. He had never heard of flying vessels, but he was confident that what he saw bears a resemblance of the little devils.

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