Low Hovering UFO Spotted Over Idaho


A man from Idaho claimed he had an encounter with a UFO in 1977. The strange object reportedly hovered above a home nearby and traveled towards him. The witness was driving his truck to his home late at night on May 5, 1977.

idaho-ufo-2When he pulled into his driveway, the witness spotted a UFO hovering just over a neighbor’s roof. As he watched the strange aerial thing, he seemed to hear a voice from a male voice saying ‘This is not of this world.’ The witness stopped the truck, got out from it, and watched the bizarre object for 20 to 30 minutes.

Initially, the witness can’t see any detail of the unidentified flying object. It was when the unknown thing passed nearer to him when he saw pulsating, colored lights on the side of the craft.

The witness did not hear any noise or emission from the craft. He described the lights as dazzling but didn’t illuminate the ground or adjacent buildings. The disc was still in the sky over roofs when the witness got tired and went inside.

He reported his sighting almost 40 years ago to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on March 23, 2016. He included drawings that show the shape of the craft from the side with descriptions or explanations. His testimony is filed under Case 75381 in MUFON’s witness reporting database.

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  1. June 28 1978, something like that paced my car, then got in front, went behind a hill, then popped up from behind a hill, somewhere between Schroon Lake, NY and Ticonderoga on the “back road” from Schroon to Ti. A little used road with lots of turns and no shoulders to speak of. I was glad to be with 3 other people when that happened. We stopped and watched it for about 10 or 15 minutes, it would pop up and down behind the small mountain in front of us, quite rapidly at times.

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