UFO Live Feed Cut: Is It NASA Cover-up?


For everyone who sees space as the final frontier, is a specific voyage that has opened new doors to discovery. NASA, one of the leading space discovery arenas, is one that has helped to provide new insights to those interested in space. Not only is this a part of the current events, but also invites discovery into the events that are designed to help with the discovery of the history of space science. Unidentified Flying Objects had long been the subject of conspiracy theories in which governments are intentionally concealing the alien existence by removing physical evidence of their presence. There are versions of this story; while others overlap with various other conspiracy theories, some are exclusive.

In a footage, it shows the appearance of a diamond-shaped object nearby the space station. The footage was broadcast live by NASA. However, the live feed was cut suddenly as the object appears to focus. The shocking video has sent UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists into meltdown. Despite being far, it looks massive. As the clip continues, the strange object appears to grow larger.

Suddenly, the screen suddenly turns blue. As soon as the feed restarts, it shows the space station focusing on a different angle. Supposed if the new angle covers up the spacecraft, it failed because the object can still clearly be seen. Therefore, the change of camera shows the existence of the object and not just on the lens. According to Youtube uploader, it is a form of the unexplained object. In an interview, he saw a UFO at the station. The strange object has a diamond-shaped and is changing its shape. Speaking over the footage, when you play this footage quickly, it looks like the object changes its position. NASA was established more than 50 years ago and has been a world leader in studies of our home planet.

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  1. Its the same camera..one is a close up and the other is more wide angle just not zoomed in. also seems to move right along with the space station. This is on the lense.

  2. MmMm…atmospheric in nature…definitely worth a closer look….NASA does need to disclose more thought about their findings….

  3. ..mmmmm…..definitely worth a closer look….appears atmospheric to me……NASA does need to disclose and share their thoughts on their findings….

  4. What about the CIA X34 space plane? From a distance,it would have somewhat of a diamond shape! Haven’t heard that it’s landed yet. Has it?

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