UFOs Over Liverpool Left Witnesses Baffled


UFO hunters in Britain claimed to have spotted unusual lights circling over Liverpool. Residents in Kirkby, Anfield, and Bootle took to social media to share their bizarre sighting at around 9 in the evening.

Stephen Carrison asked his followers if someone knows the reason for the zigzagging lights in the sky over Bootle and Walton. Equally confused Jamie Morris wrote on Facebook about spotlights that did not change the pattern they were moving.

Some downplay suggestions of space alien life, with Louise Austin suggesting a local circus as responsible. Austin said she drove past in the area at around 9 in the evening, and the lights were beaming in the sky.

Christopher Baker gave the same suggestion saying that the lights were 100 percent from the circus as he saw them shining in the same direction from his loft window.

The impressive clip comes just a few days after odd lights over London were captured on photos. Some speculated that space UFOs emitted them.

Many UFO experts believe that the beautiful architecture of the capital could easily get the attention of extraterrestrials, which seem to be interested in discovering human history.

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  1. Aliens coming to Liverpool, now that would be a sight to see. They’d just be able to mingle with all the piss heads round Mathew Street ha ha

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