Bizarre Object Turn Off Turbine: IS This Compelling Evidence?


A bizarre UFO was spotted turning off a wind turbine as it flew through a wind farm, and the good news is that alien investigators are convinced of their compelling evidence of a possible alien visitation from the space. The footage was recorded last month within the secluded area of Madjdanek, Lublin, Poland. It shows a strange circular object flying slowly towards a wind turbine. The rotors were turning and come suddenly to a standstill as it nears. Afterward, it started rotating again once the object travels.

It was Grupa obserwacyjna, the Polish paranormal YouTube channel who uploaded the footage. To accompany the video, as translated from the Polish, the channel wrote that the witness saw the object flying from the east flying over the area for one hour. After recording the disappearance of the subject matter on April 17, the event became the hot topic on online forums. Editor of UFO Sightings Daily named Scott C Waring, said that the mysterious object flew over a wind farm. As it comes closer to it, the propeller stops. According to him, this type of unidentified object is recognizable by NASA due to its metallic orbs style. This mysterious object had a fleet of more than three following the space shuttle Atlantis being delayed its landing for 24 hours. These objects were a bear resemblance to space shuttle Atlantis. As a comparison of the shuttle incident, Mr. Waring uploaded a video on his blog site. Since it went online, other witnesses see it as a strange wind turbine stopper that has come forward. Krzysztof Gordziejewski posted similar object seen over Zgorzelec. The object shows that it moves in a north-easterly pattern within 24 hours throughout the event. As claimed by Ramone, last September, he saw the same object flying over a wind farm at Nasielsk, between Dzia?dowo and Warsaw.  He added that in the existence of the passage of time, there were no enough gusts of wind.

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  1. I call BS if you watch the appears in front of the Blade( nearest you…then behind the main trunk of the turbine..(nearest you)….photo shop not well done

  2. Not sure this slow round object is very solid proof of anything extraterrestrial, but at the 0.48 mark, something does fly by very fast and that is more interesting than this round, slower object.

  3. You blew it, the dot passes this side of the rotor blade in the foreground BUT behind the mast.
    Why do you bother ? It’s always amazed me, one would think if something interests you you’d be researching it NOT wasting your own time & everybody elses. What a boring life you must have !

  4. What amazes me is that the other turbines still turn while those to stop. Which poses interesting questions. What was it and how did it makes those two stop.

  5. Wind drives these turbines, if the wind stops, the turbines stop. The wind gusts can be different depending on where you are, the other turbines still turning is not significant since the wind may still be blowing where they are. I believe all we are seeing is either some debris being captured by the wind, or something added to the video, and the turbines stopped simply because the wind stopped.

  6. A shame this is fake. It looked pretty real at first, until the zoom in. I was hoping instead of the proof of antialiasing around the sphere that it might have been an electrostatic field, it is clear that this is faked. As the other commentators point out, in the zoomed-in footage, you can see the sphere go In Front of the blade, then behind the mast, which would be impossible given the alleged flight path. I agree that assholes who still wet their beds should be ass-whipped for this kind of nonsense. The subject is too important to waste our time on with this unverified hooey. News organizations need to get smarter, too, and understand this medium and its toolset, or become irrelevant to the conversation. Alas, has finally jumped the shark for me.

  7. if this is true you could say that the UFO had the same affect as when a UFO passes over a car and the electrical systems stops in the car

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