UFO expert Jaime Maussan claims to have proof that UFOs are real


The well-known journalist and TV personality Jaime Maussan claims to have provided evidence from tens of thousands of people from around the world on UFOs and extraterrestrial activity. In the video “VIDEO EVIDENCE THAT UFOs ARE REAL” on UFOTV, recorded during the MUFON Symposium in 2015, he presents recent developments in the field of ufology.

He shows video footage and pictures of invisible UFOs taken by infrared cameras, night vision, NASA space probes, satellites and aircraft cameras.

UFOs are captured by space probes of NASA in space, the sun, around comets, near volcanoes and often appear mysterious balls in the air.

Maussan also disclosed the ‘unseen alien images” of the world famous Roswell crash on a major conference on extraterrestrial life in Mexico City last year. The globally recognized UFO expert says the photos provide evidence that aliens exist.

Around the time of the UFO crash, there were no sketches or models of aliens, so the pictures can not be fake. Also fellow researcher Richard Dolan is sure the photos are authentic. The alien body is too detailed and precise to be made up.

Is Jaime Maussan telling the truth, what do you think? Write in the comment box —below, your thoughts, it really counts.


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  1. If I’m not mistaken, the end of the article is mentioning the so-called “Rosewell Slides.” The narrative of these slides showing an alien body on display has been been proven inaccurate. Less than 48 hours after their release, photo analysts, from multiple different sources, cleared up the images enough so that the placard in front of the body could be read. It, beyond a reasonable doubt, showed that this so-called alien was simply a mummified child, on display in a museum. This case has been debunked in my opinion, and the opion of many respected researches in this field. Why continue to write about, and post it on this website? It makes no sense. This kind of lazy, un-researched reporting is a real problem in the field of Ufology, and it needs to stop. If one really wants to get to the bottom of the UFO enigma, than we need to know when to accept the data weather we like or not. If you have an internet platform, and are sharing information on a topic that you and many others are truly interested in, than please take the time to investigate, research, and share information in the most responsible and accurate way possible. Otherwise, you will continually add to the ridicule factor, and push this topic farther and farther into the fringe.

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