Woman Claimed Seeing UFO Hovering Over Detroit


What are “UFOs”? Where do they come from? The research provides an exciting new look into this baffling phenomena. The researchers and scientists are coming to the judgment which provides new insight into their mysteries and why thousands of encounters have been reported. Detroit is becoming more and more popular as one of the tourist destinations in the Midwest. Never thought of before as a city that would hold much appeal to anyone but businessmen, Detroit is opening its doors as a location that will keep you entertained for several days. However, Detroit is not only rich in attractions and trades but has also become a hotspot of aliens and extraterrestrials. A woman from Detroit was mistakenly seen as a crazy person when she stands by on her beliefs of seeing a mysterious object hovering in the sky on June 3, Friday.

The encounter took place on the evening when Vanessa Oliver has recorded a footage of what she believes to be a strange unidentified object above her Detroit home, nearby Gratiot Avenue and Van Dyke. In the clip, Oliver claims to have seen the same light hovering in the sky many times before but has finally captured one on a video. As opposed to what she saw, where there are more colorful and detailed lights, she firmly believes that the clip did not do it justice. She even recalled seeing the lights floating and moving around.

If you can remember, many sightings took place around the world. Unfortunately, their encounters remained a mystery. There can now be little question in anyone’s mind that the phenomenon is real. Over the decades, the worldwide has grown their interests in the subject. Wave after wave of flying saucer appearances, alien encounters, cattle mutations, abduction experiences, and crop circles have come and gone. They have baffled the public and scientists alike for many years due to their secrecy.

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  1. Vanessa dear, you are indeed one of the lucky ones to see such an event. I trust in a great city like Detroit, you would have much more to keep you occupied rather then make up a story of a UFO, so I personally truly believe you, for I know extraterrestrial life exists and that they are watching some of us closely. Hope to hear more from you.


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