ITALY: Watch Flying Saucer Appears In Dark Clouds


A video recently caught the attention of online UFO followers as it shows a flying saucer that seems to stalk a jet airliner. The UFO appeared from dark clouds in a video that intentionally aimed to an aircraft flying through a massive lightning storm.

The apparent disk-shaped object in the video is somewhat hiding behind clouds and traveling behind a passenger plane. The footage was captured over Italy, and the unidentified flying object showed up after a sudden flash of lightning.

Enthusiasts have been debating the connection between UFOs and atmospheric electrical phenomenon – thunder and lightning storms.

Many believe that alien ships cause lightning or are pulled to it. They suggest that UFOs like this one fly without lights and appear to be stealth craft. However, flashes of lightning reveal their presence in the middle of night clouds. They believe that advanced alien ships gather energy from electrical discharges – like charging their batteries with the lightning.

Just late in June, footage showing fireball UFOs in the sky amidst a thunderstorm in Buffalo, New York made rounds online. It also sparked debates with many commenters saying that these UFOs were alien craft possibly harvesting energy from lightning or perhaps studying thunderstorm phenomenon.

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  1. Oddly enough a few weeks ago, weeks ago I was having breakfast on my deck, and idly watching a jet plane, fly through some clouds.It emerged at the other end and right after it was a huge oval disc, almost the colour of the cloud, which then followed the plane. By the time I went for my camera it was gone.
    Had I not been watching the plane I would have missed it.
    The plane was very far away from me, about a quarter inch at arms length, while the disc was about an inch. I don’t know if that meant it was much larger than the plane or just nearer to me. I have never mentioned it because I had no photos, but after seeing this video, thought I would say something.

  2. like Amy mentioned in her sighting, its perspective, if its similar in distance to the airliner, then that craft is huge…. BUT, if it’s closer, then maybe not as big as were being led to believe, also, in the first sentence, is states, UFO seems to be stalking jet, i could see the jet move, but the UFO appeared to be at a standstill, if it was possibly collecting power from the storm, then the jets appearance was neither here not there.

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