Amazing UFO sighting caught on tape over Cumberland, Maine 4-Jul-2016


Here’s one interesting footage of an unknown craft hovering in the sky above Cumberland in Maine. This was taken on 4th July 2016. What do you think about this video? Please leave your comments below!

Witness report: 1. I was in my home with my wife and teenage son. We all saw the object high in the sky and we filmed the object using 60x HD camcorder. 2. My wife looked out the window and saw an object with bright light high in the sky. 3. We thought the object could be a sophisticate, large drone, possibly military. However when we reviewed the video at the end frame by frame it appears to spin and then disappear. 4. The object hovered stationary for several minutes. Using my HD video camera zoomed in at 60x I could see an A fram shape for each structure, a red and green light in the middle, and 3 bright white lights on top. It began spinning and then disappeared as shown frame by frame on the video. It returned a few minutes later in the same location but facing a different direction. It hovered stationary again and then disappeared. The video zoom did not resolve well but the object appeared to change color all at once to red before it disappeared. 5. We were excited to see the object even if it turns out to be just a drone. My wife posted the video clip to her facebook account and friends were shocked. Some said it was just a drone, but other did not. 6. We lost sight of the object because it disappeared. Please see the video clip as it is all there. I have 4 videos total but have processed only 1 to remove the audio and clip just the best section to reduce file size. The sequence of the video is continuous and has not been modified. Please contact me if you think this is a UFO or just a drone.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. This craft looks very unusual. Its technical characteristics as described/shown here are not necessarily ‘otherworldly’, that is, they are not showing the level of technological advancement ‘our’ aircraft cannot possess. What is weird about such craft is that they do not follow the pattern of actions ‘our’ craft would have followed. Military/experimental craft do not behave like this, appearing, disappearing, appearing again, hovering over populated areas or big cities. I conclude that this and similar craft are most likely extraterrestrial. They do not feel ‘local’.

    • i don’t quite know what your watching, but it’s not the same as the video shown here, not once did i see this vehicle disappear or reappear on and off….all i saw was a camera going in and out of focus, whilst the person was trying to film craft….as far as the actual craft goes, could be some remote flying drone, they can get pretty big…..

    • Hello people my name is Ronald i analyse this stuff what i think we see here is a cockpit of a craft you can see the content there is a being in the middle.

  2. George unfortunately you are mistaken as to the current capabilities of the global elites and military industrial complex at large.
    They do have the technology to de-materialise and re-materialise.

    This object is illuminated artificially. Orbs are luminous by nature and generally fall into a different category of sighting because they are not found attached to a centrifuge array. They do not need housing or cockpit for the pilot because the pilot IS the Orb.

    You will notice that this object rotates on occasion on a fixed X Axis, with lights that are attached to a structure in a way that is not consistent with microwave propulsion systems. MW systems are installed in a manner that directs energy directly vertical towards the ground. The ability for the craft to hover without forward thrust depends critically upon the orientation of these high intensity energy discharges. This means that there should be no signs of any light leakage past a 90 degree angle; meaning, the luminosity generated from excited particles should not be illuminating any part of the under carriage, because these are installed within a cylinder that do not protrude out from the bottom of the craft – they are installed internally with outlets that are flush with the bottom of the craft. At no point should any part of the underbelly or adjoining structures be exposed to light. Because lights travel in straight lines.

    In this video we see are clearly able to see that these are lights that are attached to something very much like an X frame, such as the designs for a quadcopter or tricopter. The only way that we would be able to see anything illuminated in the center structure above the level of the light fixtures is if there are LED lights attached without a dome housing that would otherwise serve to block any light from illuminating the components that SHOULD BE mounted above it. without a dome around the backside of these lights, light would disperse freely in an estimated 270degree angle all around because there is nothing to prohibit the light from moving upwards past it’s X axis. There is also NO SOUND recorded in the footage. This doesn’t help the credibility of the sighting on this occasion because if we suppose that this object is a quadcopter or similar, then it would need to be fairly close to be in range to the receiver… and thus sound would be recorded. There is no reason why this “skywatcher” would disable onboard microphone capabilities on a zoom camera available in this day and age as standard practice.

    Moreover, the lights are consistent and they do not show signs of electrogravitic manipulation – which generally causes visible light to flicker rapidly in RGB – Red Green and Blue.

    In my opinion, i believe this is a misidentified object or sadly, an attempt at a hoax. I could be wrong, but let’s compare past sightings of genuine Triangular crafts for a moment… You will notice that with triangular crafts filmed up until this day that the structure observed (only through generation 3 night vision and better) has always been one single structure. One whole piece, with no signs of spacing anywhere under and through the undercarriage section. This object appears to be bouncing light from 3 different light sources which reveals thin bars and bracketing that i assume would connect the 3 points of the triangle and of course the light fixtures underneathe each point.

    To claim otherwise is to suggest that this object is one solid and singular construction, with lights attached underneath that protrude below the actual level of it’s underbelly. that’s a sign that would clearly differentiate a genuine sighting from a sighting of an object that clearly is not assembled in the same way that a military craft or ET craft would be assembled for reasons of safety- again, because the illumination is generally a result of the propulsion system- and not a result of additional light fixtures added onto the outter perimeter for reasons that are and would be impractical. Adding additional light fixtures would not serve any real purpose.

    I don’t believe for a moment that the object observed in this video is entirely energy-based, such as an Orb or Plasma based objects. The fact that it rotates on an X axis is a dead give away that it is mechanical in nature, and probably relies on a rotor to generate spin.

    More about the rotation that we see: It is not cosistent, therefore the rotation observed has nothing to do with manipulating gravity as a means to achieve flight. Otherwise it would be consistent at any speed. It would have to be constant in order for the craft to maintain its position in the sky.

    I would love to be proved wrong on this occasion. And so i welcome comments from other viewers that would like to chime in.


  3. I have to say, the geometry of this thing immediately put me at least in mind of a LED light equipped hobbyist class four propeller drone. I assume you can put one of these into a spin as well?

  4. yes that’s absolutely a drone. i’m telling you, drones are going to ruin ufo sightings. it hovers like a drone, has the same lights as one and spins around like one. i watched a guy playing with his drone the other night and this is exactly what it looked like.

  5. It looks very much like a drone to me.
    At 2’13 you can clearly see a” DJI Phantom” shape with its landing gear. It’s a very common quadcopter.
    The light pattern is consistant with a drone fitted with a white light under each of the 4 motors, unusual but understandable if you want to fly in the dark. The green and red light could be stock from the DJI model, it might also be the camera usually mounted underneath.

  6. Curious how the witness supplied this footage without sound, he/she would have to go out of their way to do this, since all cam’s on all gadgets have mic’s these days. I have to assume the sound would have given the game away and that the object in the clip was in fact a drone which are quite noisy.

  7. Regarding the appearing and disappearing: a note from “Beyond Einstein: Non-local physics” by Brian Fraser (2015):

    “there are two kinds of position and two kinds of velocity. Remember those two terms in the non-local form of gamma? We are using only one of them for propulsion—the spatial velocity one that depends on Newtonian mechanics. The other possibility, that of non-local motion, has been left unexplored. Using that, an aircraft could move from one position in the sky to another without traversing the intervening space. It would appear at one location, then disappear, then re-appear at another location. It could move at extremely high speeds without generating a sonic boom. It would use “field propulsion” based on the non-local characteristics of electric and magnetic fields. It would be completely self-contained because there is no action/reaction (exhaust) as in conventional propulsion (in this case, the reaction forces are radial, and cancel out within the structure of the aircraft, making the preferred shape one of something with radial symmetry, like a saucer or cigar).”

    Two different kinds of non-local physics are discussed. One of these can be used for non-local propulsion (going to the stars without traversing the intervening space, which also avoids the energy problem, the ageing problem, the food problem, the waste-disposal problem, . . . ).

    The paper can be downloaded from: The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information, and many more links and insights.

    • Wow, that was a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, but the fact remains this is a simple Phantom drone, I have one just like it, LOL

  8. It is a Phantom drone, I have one just like it, there is no doubt. The photographer had to know it was a drone also, I also know why it has no audio, because they make a sound like a swarm of bees that would have easily been audible had he included the sound. An obvious attempt at deception.

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