Blimp-Like UFO Caught On Video Over A Small City In Kansas


A man at Abilene in Kansas was shocked to see a blimp-shaped UFO traveling above a local park. He managed to record his UFO sighting on video and submitted a report with the clip to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which then filed as case 78235.

According to the report, the witness was walking in a local park on August 4, 2016, when the odd aerial thing was first noticed.

The object in question appeared to be bright and moving in the sky over the witness, who was able to record it for around a minute and before it went out of sight.

Two other objects then came to the view of the witness. They were reportedly moving in the same direction as the first one, but too far out of range for the camera to catch them.

Becky Landwehr and Larry Jordan of MUFON Kansas are still investigating the case. Abilene is a city in Dickinson County in the State of Kansas with 6,844 population.

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  1. I am at a loss of understanding as to an event /visit that occured 21/22 feb. or this year. As i was returning home from visiting a friend (walking) i felt a misty drizzle (very light) believing it to be rain. Then as i neared the western edge of the porch smelled fuel (very,very strong) so strong and fresh, it getting diffult to breath. I decided to retreat to my disabled truck in my backyard rather than chance the house door being locked and choking to death. After i fell into my truck i prayed, fearing death was immenit. There is so much……….cummunicating (without talking), physical touch, cell phone interuption, t.v. blackout, balance problems, and speech. Reply only if there’s understanding to made of something of this. My wife and grandchild witnessed my speech and walking problems and more.

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