Dark Disc UFO Discovered Flying Over Lunar Surface Through the Moon Live Steam


A mysterious disc-like dark UFO was caught on video passing the moon.  The strange event was captured on a footage of the Moon Live Stream. UFO investigators got excited about the sighting as it wasn’t the first time it happened.

Skeptics suggest that these sort of odd-looking objects are just satellites placed into orbit by space agencies. Others point out that they could be weather balloons that look closer to the moon on the live stream than their actual distance.

Some UFO enthusiasts consider sightings like these as luck and just captured on live stream by chance. They say that the UFO isn’t a satellite, which typically travel in a straight line. The UFO in question flies in the zig-zag direction as it moves forward. They also rule out balloon as a possible reason because it doesn’t zig zag as it travels.

YouTube username SpaceImaging Keith noticed the UFO on the live stream and posted it to the video sharing site. He believes that it could be an intelligently maneuvered alien spacecraft or some other top secret Earth-based project.

Keith also claimed to have found other dark disks traveling to the moon many times before this latest one. The most memorable one for him was a UFO that measured over five miles across, which was discovered by an amateur astronomer from Italy while cleaning his telescope’s optics.

The latest black object was noticed on the live stream on August 10 of this year.

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  1. Hummmmmmm, ihave my doubts, it doesn´t move, it´s quite, if it was a UFO or Spaceship from other world it probably would be doing just a little movement, but i don´t see that.

  2. This video doesn’t match the story, they talk about a UFO flying over the Moon but this is a video of Earth from the ISS. This is simply the higher clouds being lit by the Sun, if you look at the wide view when they zoom out, you can see more high clouds in the lower left being lit in the same way. This is nothing.

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