Men In Black Are Suspects of Murdering UFO Researchers


Conspiracy theory on the death of UFO researchers has surfaced after a second person of their field died this month. Paranormal investigator Max Spiers, who had claimed he once took part of a secret government project called supersoldier, was found dead this month in Poland.

Some believe that the investigator was murdered, but the official cause of death has yet to be released.

On Wednesday, news of the passing of fellow UFO researcher Gaurav Tiwari made headlines on several websites. Tiwari was discovered without life in India under an alleged mysterious circumstances. However, in a statement by the authorities, he committed suicide.

Conspiracy theorists have long been suggested that secret services or known as men in black block off UFO chasers who nearly get close to the truth.

Men in Black is allegedly a group of undercover agents in dark glasses and black suits, working under the directive of FBI and CIA. One of their missions is apparently to force witnesses of UFO and alien phenomena not to say something to prevent the truth about space alien visitations to Earth from getting out to the public.

Governments, according to the conspiracy theory, are worried of the truth to be made known to the masses that we are not alone because of the negative impact it may bring to religion and the rule of law.

Last month, there were speculations that a NASA scientist may have been silenced after she was found dead at the back of a shopping mall.

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  1. I´m not sure that M.I.B. belong to the CIA and FBI, i believe they come from a mystery place, for example, OUT OF SPACE, and here, on earth they get our bodies, faces, etc etc. You must read about Albert K. Bender who had the first contact with MIB by 1952.

  2. Obviously there serious reasons to keep a lot of ufo information secret. There is a galactic war going on. Loose lips sink ships, as the WW2 saying goes.

  3. The truth is so strange its almost impossible to grasp ! We as humans are somehow involved in something between worlds and dimensions with very little means to defend our self’s. One off the real enemies can even control pathogens DNA air born fungus and a full spectrum interface of energies. SOMETHING BAD IS HAPPENING ! BE AWEAR !

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