Solid egg-shaped UFO photographed over Maryland 16-Jul-2016


Here are some new daytime photos of metal egg-shaped UFO in the sky above Maryland. This happened on 16th July 2016.

Witness report: Looked like a black egg very small unusual flight pattern
We were in the back yard in the swimming pool and I noticed a black football shaped object at the edge of the clouds. I told my son to get my binoculars and after viewing the object with the binoculars I had him get my camera. It would fly left then right, hoover and go in the clouds then come back (which is what made me think it was a drone). After viewing the object in my binoculars I was sure it was not a drone, UAV, or a weather balloon. It was very exciting because my whole family got to witness it and look at it. Once we looked at the pictures on the computer it really got us to wonder exactly what was this we just viewed. Finally it went into the clouds and we did not see it again. I would be very interested in finding out if anyone else saw the same thing we did and what it was. I have showed the pictures to several Naval pilots and others who work in aviation here at PAX river and they encouraged me to submit these photos. I also work in the aviation industry.

Author (source: MUFON)






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  1. July of 2015 Deer park my I was also in my back yard in my pool laying on a float. I have seen the same object shaped like a 55 gallon drum reddish in color approx 1/2 mile up and moving across the sky from south to north no noise ond moved approx 50 mph and no it was not a ballon it made right angle turns and flew in a unusual direction

  2. With all these eggs flying around you would think it’s near Easter.
    Anybody can throw something in the air and take a picture of it..
    a video would have been more convincing..

  3. I saw the same kind of object july 30 2016 at 6:30 pm. Close to Mont-Tremblant, Qc. It was bronze color and still fix at 1-2km from us. After 10 min. I saw it desappear in the up atmosphere ending like a red fadeout star. 10 people saw it and all of us cannot identify the flying object.

  4. If you use to analyse the pics, there is nothing wrong with them there, they appear to be OK. We can of course not exclude the balloon-theory here…

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