Cryptic Disappearance of Sheep From A Filed In Lincolnshire Linked To UFOs


About 1,500 sheep mysteriously disappeared in a field near Louth, and a documentary filmmaker has speculated that UFOs could be the reason behind the mystery.

YouTube user dot luter uploaded a footage to the video sharing site, featuring an investigation of UFO sightings across the East Lindsey area. One witness claimed to have observed a massive spherical object floating in the sky of Alford.

The disappearance of the sheep took place at Stenigot overnight in September 2011, but no witness has come forward about seeing or hearing anything.

Arrests were made, but no one ever charged or prosecuted, the documentary video claims.

The documentary video shows a man named Eric Goring from Brinkhill, saying he had encountered hundreds of sightings of what he described as “the black triangle” nearby at the time.

Goring said he spotted balls of light, but he wasn’t confident about the color. It could be white, orange or yellow balls, according to Goring.

The balls of light went round and round and lit up brightly. When they got nearer to the witness, Goring could see the black triangle.

He claimed to have seen the black triangle hundreds of times and at a maximum of 40 per night.

Mr. Goring estimated these triangle objects to be approximately 30 feet long on each side. He had seen them going down to the ground at incredible speeds, about thousands of miles per hour. He said they went straight to the ground and up again after looping. It floats without noise, according to Goring.

A taxi driver testimony is also featured in the documentary footage. The maker of the documentary believes that the sightings could be linked to the disappearance of thousands of sheep in one night in the sparsely populated area.

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