Spaceships Stationing on Saturn’s Rings, NASA Scientist Claims


NASA has made incredible discoveries and innovations in aviation and spaceflight industry. One of these surprising findings is life on another planet. Many would have doubts about NASA finding space alien life, but according to one scientist, planet Saturn has been a home for unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

NASA scientist Normal Bergrun says that alien spaceships have proliferated on rings of Saturn. Bergrun was an engineer at NASA’s Ames Research Center. In various interviews about the solar system situation, he claims that the number of extraterrestrial spaceships has reached critical levels.

Bergrun also worked on top-secret aerospace projects at Lockheed Martin. It was Bergrun who apparently found evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Saturn’s rings.

His discoveries were published in 1986 book “Ringmakers of Saturn.” In the book, Bergrum theorized that UFO had already been found on Saturn’s rings.

He stated that these ET spaceships have been inhabiting Saturn and proliferating as they can also be found on the other ringed planets, Uranus and Jupiter. Bergrun added that he referred them as ringmakers because they are present whenever there are some rings.

According to Bergrun, the rings of these three planets were purposely designed for ET’s source of energy. While NASA has yet to recognize Bergrun’ theories, other pioneers of aerospace technology seemed to agree with him.

Aerospace technology pioneer Herman Oberth stated that flying saucers are real in his thesis, and they are space ships from another solar system. He suggested that intelligent observers, who may have been investigating the Earth for centuries, possibly controlled these UFOs.

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