UFO captured on tape over Milwaukee, Wisconsin 23-Jul-2016


I just received this UFO report:

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Date: 23 Jul 2016
Submitted by Martin

Witness report: Strange lights appear to separate and form a triangle pattern!

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  1. The lies cannot continue for much longer. The United States of Amerika, Russia nor China is the superior force on this planet. We are surrounded by beings of a vastly superior intelligence. The Arecebo message has been answered!! Scientists are a curious lot, by nature. Then why the hell are they not looking at overwhelming evidence of ongoing sightings of U.F.O.’s ??!? Because they are being threatened by their respective governments, that’s why not!! I hope they eat the liars first, now that I’d pay to watch….pass me the gravy, please!

  2. Obviously flares. Does anybody ever check next day to see if there were flares or Chinese lanterns floating around, or maybe a party!

  3. this is a brilliant catch, i love the excitement from the man videoing it, I get annoyed when people keep putting it down to lanterns or flares……like i said to another commenter….watch a video on both and you can see just how different they actually are.

  4. NOT lanterns, NOT flares per se … but the reality of it is parachuters …NIGHTTIME parachuters who jump, stack up, burn their flares as they separate. Seen it a million times.

    And before you lemming clowns begin bashing me … I DO believe there is intelligent life other Than humans, and I DO believe in a strong possibility of them already being here, perhaps for 1000’s of yrs … and perhaps having to do with human development, including the “unexplained” fused human DNA!

    And 95% of all “sightings” can be explained away … 5% or less cannot be explained. This however is NOT one of them.

    The poptart recording sounds like he must have an IQ of about 68 … just under the line of being metally retarted. Sorry, but you have seen WAYYYY TOO MANY Hollyweird Movies … people want too believe SO BAD they will cry wolf and make themselves look like complete idiots. SCREAMING AND YELLING LIKE THAT … like it was Independence Day .. they WANT to get invaded so bad it is a disgrace! AND WITH LITTLE KIDS IN THE BACKGROUND!


  5. The comment about the parachutes seems most likely so far. The average direction of flight indicates objects in decent toward the ground. Since the lights didn’t appear to grow dimmer or smaller, I would assume a downward trajectory. A group of drones could be a possibility too. Granted this is only a theory based on the given information thus far.

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