UFO Caught On Video Over Brownsville, Texas Increases Speculations Of Underwater Alien Base Nearby


A UFO was captured on video hovering over Brownsville, Texas, causing supposition that it could be from a nearby underwater base as it was reportedly floating over water, just off the Gulf of Mexico. The witness of the odd sighting reported it to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He described the mysterious aerial thing as bright, oval shape moving slowly from left to right. The sighting took place when the witness was on his way back from a fishing trip.

The witness also noted in his report that a small object was trailing the big oval object, but that particular scene wasn’t captured on the video. The quality of the video may be poor and shaky, but it seems that’s all needed to start the discussion among UFO enthusiasts as to what the object might be and where it possibly originated.

Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the UFO may come from an underwater base nearby since it was first seen over the ocean.

Many claims have surfaced about the underwater UFO base off the coast of Cuba at Guantanamo Bay, near to where the strange object was spotted and filmed. A retired Marine reported early in March about his various UFO encounters just off the Cuban coast when he was stationed at the U.S. base in Cuba from 1968 to 1969. He recalled that those UFOs would surface out of the water or vanish into the waves of the Caribbean.

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  1. these particular types of UFO’s have been seen quite allot recently. Seen another one the other day, but that one had two glowing type disks in the video.

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