Costa Rica UFO Sighting 45 Years Ago – Best In The World Photographs


Members of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) – National Geographic Institute – took what have been considered the best photographs in the world when it comes to UFO sighting. The pictures show a UFO sighting on September 4, 1971, at 8:25 in the morning.

The IGN was in the process of creating a map to determine the source of water for the acquisition of land to work out the Arenal dam project.

Sergio Loaiza, Juan Bravo, and Francico Reyes were flying in a Canadian made F680 Aero-Commander. Loaiza was in charge of aerial photography on that day. An NRK 100 lbs. 15-23 camera was mounted on the floor of the plane.

The camera shot every 13 seconds while the plane was flying at 10,000 feet.

While photos were taken, no one realized anything odd. It was just later when IGN employees noticed something strange while performing a study to connect Arenal Lagoon and Lago De Cote.

Loaiza was also in charge of reviewing the photos of that time. While he enlarged the images and examined the negatives carefully, they noticed what had been pictured.

Loaiza claimed that they were banned completely from talking about it at the time.


In 1979, Ricardo Vilchez sent the pictures to Ground Saucer Watch (GSW). In the same year, Costa Rica media published the photos. About ten years later, the images were featured in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Costa Rica-based UFO researcher Oscar Sierra said the photographs were considered to be real after being analyzed in the France and the U.S.

According to Loaiza, Omar Ariana, who piloted the plane, was an experienced pilot. He also revealed that the camera, which was donated by Germany to the Geographic Institute, was exceptional to the point that it would not work if there had been a speck of dust between

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