Questions Arise As NASA Releases Videos Of Strange UFOs


Conspiracy theorists went buzzing after NASA recently released videos of mysterious UFO encountered during its several missions, including Gemini, Apollo 16, and ISS. Posted on YouTube channel Explore the World, the videos have induced more questions on the existence of aliens and government cover-ups.

The move of NASA to make their videos of UFO sightings public shocked the world because it was the first time the U.S. space agency became transparent on unidentified flying objects in space. Conspiracy theorists were wondering as to the reason behind NASA’s decision to release videos of the UFOs just recently despite the fact that most of the sightings were taken a long time ago.

The internet has been bombarded with various conspiracy theorists about the existence of alien and NASA cover-ups for years. On August 8, Wednesday, a strange cube shape that appeared to be larger than the moon, seemingly orbited the Sun. Interestingly, images of square pixels were caught on two separate cameras within a timeframe of 25 hours.

The two pictures were taken at different wavelengths, but the square pixel still on the same spot. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the square-shaped UFO wasn’t a pixel glitch, but NASA’s standard procedure to hide UFOs from the public.

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  1. Admitting the existence of UFOs does not mean admitting the existence of aliens. Seeing something unexplained does not necessarily mean that unexplained phenomenon is ET. I mean, the authorities should feel free to admit that sometimes some flying object or craft are unidentified or of unknown origin. This is what we already know for sure.

  2. The released clips are shocking. More shocking is why so late? What has prompted NASA to release them NOW? The way these objects are moving, their frequent chaging Direction and speed is something beyond our understnding. Our satelights can travel almost in a straight line (with slight curve) but they cannot change their direction so easily and with such amazing speed!

  3. These videos aren’t new, the author simply grabbed a bunch of videos on YouTube ( including many hoax ). NASA didn’t release anything and if they would do this they would do it via their own site. This YouTube channel is absolutely not related to NASA!

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