New Book Details The English Woman Alien Abduction Experience


A new book by renowned author and UFO expert Roy Dutton will detail a terrifying extraterrestrial experience that happened more than 20 years ago to an English woman.

The Moment Alien Abduction Took Place
Valerie Walters revealed that her alien abduction experience happened at around 1:45 a.m. on July 16, 1981, when she was 26 years old. She was driving home together with two friends Vivienn and Rosemary from a night out in Sheffield, UK.

Walters and her friends began to get terrified after a strange light appeared in their view in the sky. Then they started to get panic after they spotted a huge craft hovering above their car.
After that moment, Walters can’t exactly remember what took place next. She recalled hearing a beeping noise that made her sleepy.

How Aliens Abducted Walters
Walters recalled that her friends were gone, so, she came out of the car to look for them. Strangely, the car suddenly vanished, and she heard an unusual voice telling her not to get afraid.
After listening to the odd voice, Walters said that she felt like being vacuumed. The next thing she recalled was when she was in front of some strange beings.

Walters said that she was in a room, which she described as white and wedge in shape, with a male and female humanoid beings having shoulder length dark hair and blue eyes.

Walters stated that she and her friends reported their terrifying experience to the police, but the case wasn’t taken seriously. She also disclosed that her friends could not recall entirely what had transpired.

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