Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2016

Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2016 by

august 2016; bright orb – Gateway Arch, Illinois

2nd August 2016; huge UFO in the sky – Brownsville, Texas

4th August 2016; bright object – Abilene, Kansas

26th August 2016; triangle formation – South Carolina

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  1. I cannot understand how people believe that ufos are fake, ballons and a good business. Incrredible!! I am from Barcelona Spain, and I had the chance to see a few ones here, but this sumner I was quite amazed about the many Ufos I had the chance to see and take pictures in summer vacations in Southern Spain in La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena. What I had the chance to see there I can guarantee you that it was not a fake neither a ballon.
    I took picture which I have to pass to to my computer. The ones which were more incredible were a green one not to high that with the light of the full moon I had the chance to see the very bright green lighs and going like crazy until it went into the Mediterranean Sea. Another suddently appeared
    near the coast inside the water with a very bright blue colour all over.
    until the ligh vanished. It was big like a bus. It wasen’t a baloon!!!
    Another was red and as ther in La Manga there is a militar Airport many crafts depart very often. When thiws Ufo saw the craft (plane) getting near
    just torn over and very fasy went into the Sea and desappeared. I have read that La Manga del Mar Menor is a hot spot for Ufos. You can fin it in Internet if you do not believe me. As well as in Catalunya Barcelona in the famous Montserrat Mountains were it is the basilic of the Virgin of Montserrat many people go to spend all the night and they get good picture.
    However, I have never been there in this last one but you can find it inInternet. But I can guarantee you that What me and many friends of mine have seen in Southern Spain it was completely out of this planet. Thanks
    and you all enjoy these wonders of nature. it is worth to be seen.
    Cheers! Francesc

  2. I think the UFO,s we see are military, all the other falling fierier stuff are the supposed 13 thousand satellites, that circle our flat plane of our flat earth.

  3. I think people who make stupid comments like Michael Mathews, above are what’s wrong with this planet – too many ignoramuses! There is SO MUCH DATA, a plethora of evidence that PROVES ETs are HERE. Some UFO’s are military, because we KNOW they have been reverse engineering them since Roswell or before; but more are alien – at least one (if not a dozen or more) is here to try to save their race by making hybrid Grey-Human offspring; there are also human-looking aliens (Pleiadians), and quite possibly more. If we weren’t so violent, greedy, tribal and stupid, we’d be out amongst the stars already (and perhaps a very select few are). How exciting – instead, we suffer nincompoops like Clinton & Trump, traitors like Bush, greedy criminals like Greenspan and Silverstein & Cheney, greedy elites who are addicted to money and are hoarding it, causing the global economy to fail, corrupt corporations in bed with illegal governments like the US, stealing oil & making wars and covering it up through false flags like 9/11 and Sandy Hoax. Until we rid ourselves of these cancers, we’re going to keep watching the ET’s, as they are too wise to play with us.

  4. good that we support love and the light. the most violent element in society is??? IGNORANCE!
    The more we listen…
    The more we will hear,
    The more we hear…
    The more and more deeply
    We will understand.

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