Triangle UFO video from South Carolina


Check out this new footage of a possible triangle UFO formation in the sky above South Carolina. This was filmed on 26th August 2016.

Witness report: Three objects, very orange with no blinking, rotating around each other
At 9:15 3 bright orange objects were seen to the northeast of our home. they were moving slowly to the west and rotating around each other slowly. our neighbors came out and we all witnessed it and had all agreed that we have never seen anything in the sky like that before. the objects blinked out and then reappeared 10 minutes later at the same location in the sky as when we first saw them and moving in the same direction.the second sighting also lasted for approximately 6 minutes before the three orange light abruptly disappeared.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Inter-dimensional chakra spheres of radiant Kundalini, as time distortion fields affect zeta brainwaves (“That’s not normal!”). Indeed.

  2. I saw some thing VERY similar to this. The top 2 were bluer & the bottom, reddish orange.They did not move in relation to each other. The bottom light was there for a short while & vanished, & did not return. The blue lights moved together randomly across the night sky, going from full-stop to 100% speed instantaneously. Movement was rapid but could be followed. The movement stopped as completely as it started–instantaneously.No evidence whatsoever of inertia.I showed some neighbors when they got home.
    This was a southerly viewing in the south-side of Jacksonville, FL, in January of this year.

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