Whistleblowers Claims: Alien Corpses and Roswell UFO Allegedly Stored In Hangar 18

Roswell alien

The alleged UFO crash at a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico has opened the doors to alien existence. Today, many conspiracy theorists consider the Roswell incident as one of the conspicuous evidence that US government has covered up the truth about extra-terrestrial life’s presence on Earth. Following the crash, several whistleblowers have given their respective testimonies indicating that corpses, alien technological artifacts, and debris were being recovered and that they were transported to Hangar 18 situated in Area B of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, just northeast of Ohio.

For additional information, the Wright-Patterson AFB was established since 1948 through a merger of Wright and Patterson Fields. These two are the sites of experimental flights conducted by the Wright brothers, Wilbur, and Orville. The said base was believed to be a place where the highly-classified defense projects take place. According to the rumors that spread widely, Hangar 18 is the most restricted installation area in the country because it is where the alien corpses and debris were recovered from the incident. UFO believers claimed that such debris and corpses were transported to Hangar 18 in a secret and exclusive manner. Several whistleblower testimonies have corroborated these beliefs.

Due to their testimonies, the authorities have been suspected to have been covering up the details. At first, the media mentioned the recoveries of corpses, but later on, the authorities withdrew the information. However, the alien researchers believed that fake debris was sent to Fort Worth, but the genuine alien bodies were stored inside Hangar 18.The authorities then distracted the media with photos of weather balloon debris. Despite the concealment, several eyewitnesses, both military and civilian, have given testimonies since the incident in 1947. According to Lt. Robert Shirkey and Sgt. Robert Smith, the crashed object was a lightweight craft made from an aluminium-looking material. Despite the substantial evidence, U.S. authorities still deny the allegations that they are covering up extraterrestrial evidence. However, alien researchers insist that the USAF program is a species of cover-up claims. According to the researchers, the Project Blue Book files, which were released online was not complete.

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