Alien Hunters Observe A UFO Hovering Above Sydney, Australia


Latest bizarre footage convinced UFO enthusiasts that it is a proof of alien life. The video shows unexplained light hovering in the sky above Sydney.

UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia (UFO-PRSA) gather on a regular basis to talk about UFO sightings, alien abductions, and other unexplained phenomena.

Guest speakers, including scientists, authors, ufologists, hosted the group in public meetings held once a month at the Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Members of the group are composed of students, lawyers, and retirees who share one common belief and that is the truth is out there.

Mainstream media usually disregard theories that extraterrestrials are out there.

One member said there’s evidence that ETs have already come to Earth and this evidence is publicly available. All people should do is to look for it, the member added.

The group said that people should know what is going on instead of waiting for the government to pull the cover over the eyes. It claimed that astronauts and pilots are now coming out of the woodworks.

Another member, who is a Sydney public servant, believes aliens have been visiting her since she was nine-years-old.

The anonymous UFO believer said that she saw a gray humanoid in her room behind the wardrobe with about the same height as her when she was a child. She claimed that she wasn’t afraid of it because it was her friend that just wanted to be with her.

Author of “Contact Down Under: A Century of UFO sightings in Australasia and the Western Pacific,” researcher Moira McGhee believes aliens do exist and that they even have sexual intercourse.

She said they received reports of men being abducted and women have their way with them. There are reports too of women having their eggs taken.

Former lawyer Moira believes in alien life but admits that most ET evidence is difficult to prove or explain.

Moira explains in her book that researchers don’t need to agree with everything people say, but the worst thing researchers can do is to close their mind. Moira adds that researchers should believe anything is possible, but should also have a big dose of skepticism.

Even one of alien-related reports is true; it will surely change humanity forever, says Moira.

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