Daytime video: UFO hovering above Bodrum, Turkey


Here’s one really interesting footage of an unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Bodrum, a city on the Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey. This was filmed on 7th May 2016.

Witness report: i was sitting in the house. i have a body through the sky bright. i output balcony. i save and video. kites be called body light before thought. because there seemed to queue. kites shines i ind. frequent loss after body that, back is, that color change around that any black body of i sees through black out bodies. then i noticed that the place de light cýsmým ol. and around the ray he had gezen. i sees and sea ray of moving on de. he would cling on black sea industry recording a difference before you begin approximately 5 minutes light i have the last 31 seconds before the cýsmý.kaybol could save video. lost and latest he did not seem to be afraid again. i ended the bender camera registration.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. it was entertaining to read the paragraph. he is definitely trying to get his message across in very broken english, but isn’t successful. too much shakiness.

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