Watch Actual Footage Of A UFO Apparently Traveling 120 Times Faster Than A Plane On Earth


Many UFO researchers say that a UFO sighting video in New Zealand is the best evidence that space aliens exist.

Many witnesses already filed reports of their sightings to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for investigation. In fact, some of them were featured on television series and documentaries.

Earlier articles have featured England and Colorado regarding separate UFO appearances. An unnamed witness on board a jet plane captured a photo of a UFO between the island of Ireland and England. A witness on YouTube also shared a video of a UFO appearance in Chesterfield, England.

However, recently, some UFO enthusiasts and hunters believe the video showing a UFO hovering in the sky above New Zealand could be the best proof so far of space alien life here on Earth. The actual footage of a zooming aircraft was released by a morning news TV program in New Zealand. The said aircraft was allegedly moving at 120 times faster than a typical airplane.

The report also revealed that an airline tracker’s radar caught the flying object and gave it an ID name of ZED-KG-DG. Many viewers of the video commented that it is indeed moving so fast and way faster than any known military aircraft.

One UFOlogist and blogger said that he tried to check the FAA website to look for ZED-KG-DG, but failed to find it on records. He suspected that this is one of those instances wherein the U.S. government deliberately hides substantial proof of extraterrestrial with the help of the FAA.

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  1. Whe he said he was ignorant he got that right! Canbury indeed! It’s Canberra!
    Plus I didn’t see what he was taking about, but that’s Secure Team for you.

  2. Please do not treat this comment negative…but
    Are there any more witnesses? This app is used by innumerable persons.
    Does the Location, Date & Time of radar sighting and video coincide?
    If yes, it is amazing indeed.

  3. I am sorry, but flight trackers do not track using radar, instead they track flight transponders. In New Zealand we have a whole airline that you can’t see on flightradar24 as they don’t carry transponders.

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