Homeowner’s CCTV Catches a UFO Flying over Roofs in the Night Sky


Diane Veard was surprised to see an out of this world object through the security camera she installed in her home.

Diane was in Greece with her partner and three children for a vacation. Concerned about burglaries in their neighborhood, the couple went online to check their home from their security camera, but they were shocked to discover the device had caught what seemed to be a spaceship.

The motion-activated camera had caught an apparent intruder sneaking around outside their house with a torch. The couple kept on watching and got surprised to see an unidentified flying object.
Unknown causes triggered the camera for the second time in the footage from 11:20 p.m. on August 15. The screen shows a bright white light streaking across the sky through a gap between two houses across the street.

The bright light seems to turn quickly and move fast in a different direction. Diane, 48, said that they had installed the camera to look for a thief because there has been a lot of robberies in their area.

They are not sure the reason as to why the light triggered the second time. Diane said that they have a cat, but he was in the cattery while they were away from home.

Since the couple had seen an apparent intruder, they kept watching the video. They were expecting to see someone a little later, but there was nothing. Then they saw the strange light in the sky.

According to Diane, the light has a tail, making her speculate at first that it was a meteor. But changed her mind when it turned around in the sky and set off in the other direction at high speed.

Diane’s partner Michael Smith said in jest that it was a flying saucer after watching the video from their hotel in Ixia, Rhodes. The couple’s three children, Honor 13, Alexandria, 14, and the eldest Olivia, 17, were equally astounded too.

The video had received mixed comments after Diane posted it on Facebook with some linked it to the annual celestial event, Perseid meteor shower, which peaked a few days before the video was recorded.

However, Diane of Bolton, Greater Manchester is convinced that no meteors can turn around 90 degrees in the sky.

The family also thought it could be a drone, but they know that the drone usually have a flashing light and don’t have the ability to move that fast.

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    British MI-5 or 6 get the video pulled out so the people don’t figure it out?

    Might we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels spare us from the planned sinister, treacherous surprise nuclear war extinction of us?

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