NASA Trying To Hide Facts About Alien Life Once Again?


An apparent crashed flying saucer on Mars has brought more hype to the speculation that NASA may have tried again to cover up some facts. UFO enthusiasts tend to connect UFOs, aliens and NASA every time news about out of this world mysteries break out. Just recently, UFO researcher pointed out a new UFO sighting in one of the pictures taken by Mars Curiosity rover of NASA.

YouTube username Streetcap1 posted the NASA released image in a video showing the alleged crashed UFO in the Martian surface. The uploader of the footage said that the Martian hill anomaly could be a crashed flying saucer, which has a prominent circular form and a raised center.

The object appears to be different from the surrounding rocks and noticeably larger than its surroundings. Some viewers of the video comment that the object has windows. Others believe that it could also be a building built intentionally for a particular purpose – perhaps to get a better look of the area.

Many extraterrestrial researchers believe that photographs captured by Mars Curiosity rover hold clues of alien life and that they may have been caught in photos accidentally. Others believe that those photos are just photoshopped.

The U.S. space agency has been the receiving end of accusations about hiding the truth on extraterrestrial life for multiple instances in the past.

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  1. Since the government had project paperclip, NASA cannot be a trusted source of TRUE information. Niether the complicit and corporate governments.I do not see it .

  2. I’m not a Mars photo fan at all. The images that are shown from space showing Mars are too blurry and nondescript that I don’t buy the captions on them at all. I am an amateur photographer and I know images today are crystal clear in normal photography but when it comes to Mars and even the Moon, the images are so unintelligible it’s hard to see what is described. I don’t buy it, they can do better…

  3. They can make clear photo’s of these anomalies on Mars and the Moon. I don’t buy the crap they are presenting that is unidentifiable and unclear. Technology today, we have crystal clear photo’s even from cell phones so why cannot we get clear images from NASA?

  4. Well, shoot, can’t you see the hundreds of aliens having a picnic in this picture and one of them is flipping the bird? If I use the same kind of imagination that some use to see a downed space craft in a mound of rock then I can see all sorts of stuff, lol! These pictures show nothing but a barren landscape which Mars has, noting more.

  5. I get so annoyed with the endless alien crash sites. You’d think that all these guys do is auger these things in constantly. I guess these guys missed the Earth?

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