Disc UFO Hovers at 50 Feet Over Tucson


A hovering disc-shaped object was reportedly spotted just 50 feet off the ground. A mother and son were at the Walmart on Houghton and Old Vail Road on September 26, 2016, at 10:37 p.m. when the son first noticed the UFO. The husband filed the report to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which then filed as Case 80260 in the witness reporting database.

The husband emphasized in his report that his wife and son are devout Catholics and truthful individuals.

According to the report, the son was about to enter the vehicle when he just happened to look up at the altitude of aircraft when he noticed the strange hovering object. The son then called the attention of his mother to look in the same direction above.

The wife and son then left Walmart, traveled in Valencia and Old Vail Road and headed towards Kolb. To their surprise, the object reportedly appeared above a gas station on the northwest side of the intersection. They were both in shock to see the strange object that seemed not being noticed by others driving along the area.

They then turned left at the light, turned again into S. Kolb Road and then pulled over. They still saw the large object in front of them that lowered to within 40- 50 feet in altitude. They stated that it had strobing white lights in a row pattern. Two rows of lights – upper and lower – were pulsating at the same time.

The object then reportedly started moving. It inverted in a 45-degree angle and flew to the right side of the road, towards Wilmot Road in Valencia then disappeared below the tree line.

The report was filed on November 6, 2016, but no images or videos were included.

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