Mystery UFO Hits Earth With Explosion That Shakes Houses Nearby


A massive UFO in cylindrical shape had crash landed and exploded, leaving homes shaking. The metal object that fell from the sky measures 4.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. Residents in nearby crash site said the metal cylinder had an acrid smell. Officials have yet to identify the mysterious object.

As the cylinder crashed, another object fell through the house roof nearby before the larger object hit the ground, resulting in the explosion of a land mine.

The mystery object crashed into the mud in Kachin, Myanmar. Fortunately, no report of a person being hurt.

One of the witnesses, Ko Maung Myo, said they were afraid of the explosion that shook their houses. They thought there was a war. They saw a thick smoke from their village.

The smaller piece of metal reportedly had Chinese characters, creating suggestions that the massive object is part of a spaceship from China.

However, others believe the cylinder could be from extraterrestrials.

Some UFO hunters said that the object could be a fragment from an alien object that remained in orbit for decades.

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