Mass UFO Sighting In Arizonian Skies Revitalizes Phoenix Lights Incident


Social media went abuzz after the sighting of a mysterious UFO with strange lights streaking across the skies above the East Valley. Hundreds of residents in Phoenix, Arizona claimed to have seen the strange object on Tuesday, October 5.

Several witnesses posted photos and videos of the UFO to social media. The UFO appeared in the sky above Queen Creek area of the East Valley between 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., several residents said.

There were also reports of the sighting of a UFO with three lights in the town of Gilbert in the southeast of Phoenix. The UFO was observed moving southward over the valley. One witness managed to get a video of the unusual aerial object moving across the sky.

Several sighting reports also came from Globe, Gila County, around 70 miles from Phoenix.

Another witness claimed to have seen unusual lights in the sky close to Superstition Mountain in the east of Phoenix. The witness reportedly saw three or four strange lights flashing on and off.

The sightings created some debates on the nature of the lights. Most witnesses agreed it was a UFO but not all of them think it was extraterrestrial aircraft. Some believe it must have been a man-made aircraft, but others insisted it must have been an alien craft because it did not look like any plane.

For many Phoenix residents, the latest unidentified flying object sighting was reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights incident on March 13, 1997.

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