AMAZING daytime UFO filmed over Rochester, New York 17-Aug-2016


Here’s one really interesting daytime footage of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Rochester in New York. This was taken on 17th August 2016.

Witness report: We witnessed this strange disc shaped object over our house in upstate New York. It appeared to hover at first then flew slowly in a straight trajectory.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. seems like when your camera moves the white dot moves with it, like it’s an object on your lens and not a ufo. btw, your flowers are in the foreground not the background.

  2. The zoom gave it away. They were looking at the underside of a high altitude balloon. It’s extraordinarily difficult to see the science packages they carry below.

  3. Can we only wonder what our extraterrestrial family may be “MARKING” in Rochester?

    Maybe a Boom Boom planted in the city?

  4. Saw this exact same thing yesterday Nov 3rd in Colorado. Showed it to my co-workers, we assumed a weather balloon. It stayed in the same place for over 2 hours, then ‘poof’ gone. We were driving at the time it disappeared and did not see if it moved away or ‘what’.

  5. GREAT JOB! I saw almost the identical “vehicle”, with the same characteristics. You have a REAL ET craft/ vehicle/ drone/ droid – whatever it is.. PLEASE state the equipment used – very steady shot – again, great photography work. Now, where (exactly did you shoot from? You said the time was 6:04PM PST, yet you are in Rochester? So it’s 9:04PM? Later, you say “Out here there’s more space..”, so were you in CA?? These inconsistencies make the footage seem more questionable, and I find those details difficult to believe – looks more like 2:04 PM in in NY State. As a MUFON Field Investigator, we need to be scientific, get the EXACT details, and the provenance. If this is legit (and it DOES look to be), thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Doctor Moebius! This was filmed with a Sony HXR-NX3 camcorder with a telephoto lens at 1000mm.
      The camera time was 6pm EST when we first spotted it and around 7:30pm EST when we last recorded it.
      My camera was set to PST since I live in Newport Beach CA and was visiting my Mom in Rochester NY. I did comment on the space factor. Southern CA is so crammed with people and traffic. We have a lot of UFO sightings in LA and Orange County but filming in Upstate New York was a different vibe. It’s very country and rural out there and in some ways is more conducive for filming strange anomalies. MUFON is currently investigating the case. John Lombardo is heading up the investigation, he handles Western New York sightings. There’s a few other clips from this capture if you’d like to check them out.
      Here’s the link: Thanks for your great feedback!

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