UFO Disguises As Huge Green Fireball Over Japan, Conspiracy Theorists Claim


A green fireball that was caught on video going down to Earth created speculations it was an alien UFO in disguise.

There’s no official confirmation yet on the mysterious object’s identity, but experts at the American Meteor Society said that the glowing green color would indicate space rock with high levels of nickel.

However, conspiracy theorists have ridden the uncertainty claiming that the fireball recorded by two cameras over Niigata airport in Japan could be a UFO trying to mask itself. They said that the object disguised itself as a meteor, but made mistakes.

One mistake, they claimed, was that it glowed in green, which most meteors don’t burn as such.

Secondly, meteorites that low don’t fly horizontally, according to conspiracy theorists.

Lastly, they called it as the stupidest mistake; the main ship turned off its glow for only one-tenth of a second. At this point, a silver disk came out and moved back slowly from the main ship, according to the released theory.

They stressed that even aliens make mistakes and the pilot of the disguised UFO made a lot.

Others claimed that the supposed fireball, which was being observed 250  miles north of Japanese city Aomori, could be a piece of space junk or a falling satellite for that matter.

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  1. Of course meteors can be green, depending on their composition.
    And why would a UFO need to disguise itself, if it was going to draw attention to itself by being a fireball?
    Meteor or space junk!

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