Photographer Freaks Out After Seeing A Glowing UFO Over Whitby


Photographer Andrew Beattie took a snap of what he calls a UFO over the Whitby coast, UK at around 7:30 on Monday night. He admits to being freaked out of seeing the unidentified flying object.

What do you think about the image in the photo?

Theories have ranged from the moon to meteor and from military flares to alien UFO trying to hide behind the clouds.

Yarm resident Andrew went to the beach with hopes to capture the aurora. He walked down to the sea wall close to the beach huts to see if he could get a glimpse of the aurora.

He prepared his tripod and camera in the direction of the sea.

Moments later, he was offered with a surprise as he saw a bizarre red glow over the lighthouse, around 150 feet above it. The strange light disappeared after a second. Andrew decided to point his camera to where he spotted the glowing red.

Then a yellow light appeared for a few seconds moving to the side without noise before glowing red and disappearing. Strangely enough, the clouds behind it glowed red too before it vanished.

The witness admits he freaked out a little because he has never seen anything like it.

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