UFO Photographs Taken In The Sky Over Himeji City Japan


A dark object was spotted and photographed in Himeji City, Japan in late August of 1976. The 11-year-old Hiroshi Tsutsui was with his two friends playing near his home when they saw the dark UFO heading towards them in the sky.

As it silently flew overhead, Hiroshi managed to get four color pictures of the object.

It wasn’t the first time the children saw such strange thing in the sky. They reportedly saw the object a month before, and they attempted to get pictures of it, but failed to get the correct exposure.

A photo shop employee shed light to the photos when he made a note to call the photographer after noticing the strange pictures while going through processing.

The employee also contacted a UFO research organization and told them the information of the photos and the photographer.

Photo experts who examined the pictures did not find any evidence of fraud. They found logical object progression in the series of images. The UFO grows as it approaches the photographer until a definite structured form becomes visible.

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