UFO Tails A Helicopter With Top Turkish General On Board


News crews covering a rescue operation of a general after a failed military coup in Turkey has videotaped a strange UFO. The July 16 news footage shows an unknown object in the sky in the background of the rescue operation from the pro-coup military of the Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar. It was recorded a day after the failed takeover.

He was flown to Cankaya Lodge in a helicopter when the unidentified flying object registered in the distance for approximately three seconds.

A conspiracy theory has emerged claiming that aliens monitor major activities in the world and watch the failed coup attempt closely.

UFO bloggers said a UFO was filmed following a military helicopter carrying the four-star Turkish General Hulusi Akar, the highest ranking military officer in the country’s military.

News agencies noticed the UFO and got into the discussion about the UFO’s identity. Some were wondering if the thing was an alien UFO, the reasons why they followed the most powerful military official in Turkey.

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