Watch Mysterious Aerial Things Caught On Camera Above Halewood


Mysterious objects flew parallel to one another before disappearing without apparent reason. They were observed hovering in the sky above Halewood on Saturday afternoon. The witness used a digital camera to record his UFO sighting on video.

The footage shows apparent UFOs moving parallel to one another before racing off and gone.

Witnesses of the strange phenomena were left baffled as no official explanation yet to it.

The unusual aerial objects were observed over Halewood at around 4 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media staff, Carl Nichols, 33, was looking out of the window when he saw an object. At first, he believed it was just a balloon, but he saw another one next to it. It appeared to him that the two flew in tandem.

M. Nichols, a student journalist, needed to jump out of the window to get the video of the UFO sighting.

Investigators who analyzed the footage could not determine both objects’ identity. They were certain, however, that the pair were not drones, which raised speculation online that they might be alien UFOs.

Some YouTube viewers agreed that they were not drones but two UFOs. Others said that it was a nice catch whatever they were in the videos.

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  1. what a terrible video. he had them in perfectly good and clear focus. then the video went haywire. what the hell happened? it was totally ruined.

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