A Man Wonders If He Saw A UFO Or Just Flashing Lights In Las Vegas


Las Vegas has its share when it comes to unusual objects in the sky, from explainable to unexplainable involving what are called UFOs.

Recently, another strange sighting was recorded on video. Out for an evening stroll, Robert Jones stunned to see strange lights hovering in the sky on Thursday. Jones said he just arrived at Cornerstone Park when the sighting took place. He could not figure out where the lights were coming.

Jones said the lights filled up the entire sky.

He saw orange colored lights floating in an upward motion and disappearing. He could not rule out military operations, but he wanted to know if it was indeed explainable as he was searching for an answer online.

He first thought they were balloons or even aircraft, but he saw them with a solid color and without warning lights.

He claimed that he looked on social media and asked Nellis Air Force base if they were from them, but Nellis replied they had no idea what they were.

The video has been keeping all the viewers guessing, just like many other videos and photos taken over Las Vegas sky.

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  1. The craft flying through the video, might we not be able to guess that it is a UFO that is holding nuclear warheads to be safely burned off?

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