Watch UFOs Flying In Tandem Over Liverpool


Liverpool residents were left stunned after seeing a pair of UFOs hovering above their skies.

A mobile phone video shows the mystery craft traveling parallel to one another. It was captured on a Saturday afternoon at around 4 pm in Halewood. There is no explanation yet to date as to what has been recorded on the video by Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media.

The videographer said that he saw the object while looking out of the window. He first thought of it as a balloon, but he saw another one next to it. It then appeared to him they were flying in tandem.

He then jumped out of the window with his camera to get the footage.

Video experts who investigated the footage could not determine the two UFOs.

Initially, they thought they were drones, but changed their mind.

One YouTube commenter said that they are not drones, but two UFOs caught on video.

Liverpool became a UFO hotspot after it was reported recently that there are more supernatural sighting police reports in Merseyside than any other areas in the U.K.

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  1. i hope the guy who jumped out of the window was close to the ground! going through a doorway probably would have been alot easier. this video was on here about 3 weeks ago. i’ll leave the same comment. why, when he had a perfectly good, clear hold on them, did he then ruin the film by playing with the camera?

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