Shocking Claim On Fireball Over Norway and Siberia


A massive fireball that turned night into the day after its explosion over Earth was, in fact, a wormhole opening for the alien spacecraft to depart to another dimension. This is according to claim from conspiracy theorists on the incident observed over Norway and Siberia.

Amazing images of the massive fireball in Norway and Siberia were posted online as videos and pictures. The fireball is explained as a meteorite burning up in Earth’s atmosphere.

However, some conspiracy theorists have come up with another explanation. They said that the UFO is forming a black hole around it as seen in the images that made the rounds online. The fireball is not exploding, but creating the hole first, then entering to a flash of light. The hole then gone after the UFO came into it, as explained by the conspiracy theorists.

They said that the images show a UFO opening up a wormhole before vanishing. Some UFO researchers even enhanced the images by adding light and discovered blackness all around the UFO. They speculated that some alien might be too lazy to leave the Earth’s orbit and just took off in a hurry through wormholes.

For some observers, they believe it was a huge meteor that came hurtling down the west coast of Norway. The event created daylight on the ground miles away. It is believed that the meteorite did not reach the land and burned in the atmosphere.

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  1. Is it not yet obvious that what we are seeing are kosher meteorites? As the warhead was burning off did we happen to notice the UFO that was traveling along with it to hold it into a controlled burn off?

    If you look close at 57 seconds and then again at 1.05 seconds do you see the the UFO that is traveling parallel to the nuclear warhead?

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