Ball of Light Splits Into Three In The Dark Sky


This footage from the last year has made rounds online showing one strange bright round object in the sky that bursts into three.

Jared A, a YouTube user, drove along Alaska at three early in the morning when he noticed a burning bright light.

He was able to grab a camera and record the object split into two. One of them had vanished, and the other one erupted into three separate lights, which then formed a triangle in the sky and disappeared.

Jared posted the video to YouTube first, but more detailed explanations were shared on Reddit.

He wrote that he was about to approach the Morris Thompson Visiter Centre area when he looked up again and spotted a bright light went straight down and vanished.

Jared said that the one shown in the video just kept on flashing. He felt afraid but excited at the same time with the anomaly he witnessed.

He also pointed out that the object was brighter than in the video.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe the object is from another planet. One Reddit user described it as genuinely unearthly that might make to history books.

Another user said that it was just amazing to see in the video one light split into two and then three different objects separately.

As expected, not everyone was convinced about the UFO theory.

A YouTube user said that it looked more of strobes on a helicopter.

Another one said that it was just a weather balloon.

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  1. i ADORE the sound of those early morning spring birds. if only he wasn’t talking. by the way, this video was on here about 3 years ago. why do you re-post? at least put the original date of video on it. this world isn’t what it seems, at all.

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