A Man In Arizona Observes Reflective UFO Hiding Behind Cloud


A witness claimed he noticed a cloud hiding an alien spaceship. Anthony Sakowski said he observed the cloud surface to be reflective while driving along a country road in Arizona.

Anthony published the video to YouTube on January 6, but the exact date and time of the sighting is not stated. The video has received mixed comments or reactions from the viewers. Anthony said that a UFO reflected on haze above.

Most viewers suggested that Anthony has indeed caught on video something that’s not frequently seen. They stated that he just captured a video of a lenticular cloud, which has often been mistaken for UFO sightings. Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction. They form in the troposphere- the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere.

However, some viewers offered a different view.  They said that the unidentified flying object appeared to the view of the witness when the sun lit it up, which caused a disk reflection above it on the clouds. They explained that only a metal reflective surface could do such thing. They further speculated that the actual UFO is the dark area of the cloud.

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