Portugal UFO sighting: Huge object appears and disappears 17-Jan-2017


Here’s one new footage of a huge bright lights that appeared over Portugal. This happened on 17th January 2017.

Witness report: Yesterday around 10 pm in the sky a bright, static light of white color was captured “increasing and decreasing the density of light.
Enthusiast of the ovnology and collaborator of Ufo Portugal of the parish of Maceira, Leiria, has sighted and filmed in the same place hundreds of UFOs in the space of 4 years.


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  1. Might those be nuclear warheads that are being burst off safely high in the sky?

    If so might we not try to imagine the MAGNITUDE OF THE DECEPTION” that our nuclear war fighting banker industrialists have been putting upon us here?

    If we understand how false our nuclear war fighting management is might we not connect some dots to figure out why our extraterrestrial family has stepped in and intervened into our world?

    Will we not accept as truth that our good God loves us and has had His angels spare us extermination at the hands of nuclear war fighting weap Judah?

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