Skeptic Turns A Believer After Seeing A Star Trek UFO Above A Lake


A UFO that can be likened to the Star Strek Enterprise was observed apparently hovering over a lake. Former Skeptic Chad Haines was left convinced on the existence of aliens after taking the image of the bizarre of UFO above Clarenville in Canada.

He claimed that he saw the strange aerial thing moving up and down before shooting out of sight. Mr. Haines pointed out that the UFO was too big to be a drone and definitely not a plane. The UFO stayed there for two or three hours, according to the witness.

The still photo was featured in a video by Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam10. Glockner says in the video that something is observed flying in the skies above Canada. He describes it as saucer-like with similarities to the Star Trek ship.

Mr. Glocker adds that the unidentified flying object was noticed in the same place back in 1978.The mysterious cigar-shaped craft was caught hovering above Random Island by a police officer.

However, skeptic Scott Brando, who runs, concluded that the apparent flying object could be just a bird that had been backlit by sunlight. He also pointed out that the image is low quality and does not have metadata to identify the UFO.

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  1. Pffffffffffffffffff WHY AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID ? It’s always the same shit… Drones, tiny points in the sky, some lights….BUT NOT UFO !!!!

  2. Be aware of SecureTeam10 video’s. They’re know hoaxers/image manipulators. 1 photo is not enough to make proper conclusions I’m afraid. Light source vs lighting on object also doesn’t make any sense…

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