UFO Sightings 2017: Victoria, Australia


Here’s a new video of a daytime UFO activity in the sky above Victoria in Australia. This was just submitted to our website and was recorded on 1st January 2017.


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  1. I’m positive I saw those two flying above me on the 1st Jan about 10pm in Tauranga, NZ.
    Was skywatching as I do some nights and usually see one or two fly across the sky in separate paths but when I saw two together, I thought that was bizarre. But looks like the same two from Victoria? Wish I had my phone on me!!

  2. You don’t need a program just a window and the right angle. The lights are in the room with you and you film the sky with the lights reflection overlaid. Damien Nott has a similar video where he uses some sort of lamp.

  3. well, now I came across this searching for “UFO adelaide” because I’m sure someone else must’ve seen the “things ” in the sky we did?! We live in Seaview downs, Adelaide and out in the back yard my 6 yr old daughter said “Daddy, whats those stars doing up there in the day time?” Time was about 27/1/17 4:20pm.

    Can only describe what we saw as a bright star, but below it there was a cluster of white “specks” that could almost be birds if they wer’nt so high up. I mean these things looks like they were miles up. The bright star like thing was heading south and getting fainter. The trails seemed to follow it. By the time I got my SLR out they were too faint and it didn’t pick up anything after I tried everything in light room. Surely someone else saw this?? Spuin I didnt get my camera earlier. it wasn’t 2 dots like this but I’m tellin you we all saw it!!

    Called my wife to have a look too and all 3 of us were baffled?!?! I’m positive someone else must have seen this??

  4. Only just found this vid these are very similar to a sighting I had in UK some years back


    I have also discussed it on forums if you care to search.

  5. Yawn! I am waiting to see something really puzzling on this site, like an actual disc, or something that looks solid.that is NOT a light!!!!

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