Amazing UFO footage filmed over Summerlin, Nevada February 2017


Check out this amazing video filmed over Summerlin in Nevada. This happened on 8th and 21st February 2017.

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of February 21, 2017, and during the day of February 8, 2017. I had to put this video out. Too many people believe that the lights on this hill are off-road vehicles. There is no way that is possible. The land on this small mountain is under BLM control. It is also very close to National Conservation land. Riding any motorized vehicles is strictly forbidden and carries a huge fine if caught. A local friend climbed it twice looking for evidence of motorized vehicles and found only his own footprints. Whatever these are they are extremely strange. I have videos of the same objects lining up in the air (as many as 12 or 13 of them) in a perfectly horizontal row which would be impossible if they were on the ground. I have checked and double checked and no clubs, businesses or anybody else has been riding up there. The only legal place to drive off-road vehicles is about 30 miles from here out at the Nellis Dunes. My wife, me and our dog attempted to climb it a couple weeks ago so I could prove the soil up there was undisturbed but we couldn’t find any way to get up there. I believe that the lights are very similar to the “Marfa Lights” in Texas.

Author (source: MUFON)

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