Black Squid UFO In The Skies Over Argentina


This video from last year left many people to believe that it shows another proof of space alien life. A black ring-shaped UFO, which looked like a sliced squid, was caught on video hovering above the skies of Argentina.

A YouTube clip has brought speculations over the origin of the bizarre phenomenon. It shows a pulsating object flying over Tigre, an Argentinian town just 28 km north of Buenos Aires.

Some believed it was a contrail of an alien war plane moving at supersonic speed. However, others suggested that it could have been chemtrails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft.

Another YouTube user gave a more straightforward explanation. Maria Laura Gal commented that the black ring was a plume of smoke from a cannon launched at Parque de la Costa, an amusement park nearby. She revealed that Parque de la Costa launched a cannon as part of its attraction.

Another one wrote that the smoke came from a special effect at the theme park as part of the Zombie Invasion show.

However, many still thought it was from an alien warplane. It just goes to show that people will believe what they want to believe and that only time can tell whether they are right or wrong.

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  1. Stop showing this nonsense that only a 6 yr old would believe.
    And it’s an old photo too.
    This site is getting worse . Come to think of it, maybe a 6yr old runs it.

  2. well this ufo has been debunked. it’s clearly from a cannon in the video. i’m glad there is video to back it up. now everyone can see what caused it. and it is rather cool too!

  3. Weird because it says this was taken in 2016 but I just watched the movie Arrival last night and the aliens in that movie communicated with smokey symbols almost exactly like this one. The movie was being made last year so I’m thinking someone leaked part of
    the script writing symbol. A bit of a coincidence this weird ring, smokey form of communication came up. Just sayin.

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