Mass UFO activity over Las Vegas, Nevada 28-Jan-2017


Another amazing footage by Youtube user Steven Barone. These sightings happened on 28th January 2017 over Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out the one at 22 minutes!

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of January 28, 2017.
They could have been brighter at times but I was very happy to see that a group of UFOs had returned to the Black Mountains in Henderson, Nevada. It has been six months or so since I last observed UFOs in groups over in this spot. I left the video running at actual speed even though it’s more than thirty minutes long because of suggestions I have been getting from viewers. It should have occurred to me to turn the night vision camera on earlier. No doubt some folks will claim that these are ATVs moving around on the mountain but they aren’t. What gives that away is the fact that the UFOs are lining up in a perfectly horizontal row on several occasions which would be nearly impossible if they were on the ground because the terrain on the mountain is so uneven. I think that there is an excellent possibility that these UFOs belong to the same group I film regularly in the Blue Diamond Hills on the west side of the valley closer to my home.

Author (Steven Barone @ youtube)

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  1. you are not boring! you are saying what you see in real time and your witness story is excellent. when you show the daytime map of the black mountain, and then we see your night video, are those ufos above or in front of the mountain? if they are above, could they be something much further out in the distance driving around on the ground? on the map we see no city or buildings behind the mountain. anyways i think if it’s something driving around they would have to have ultra bright lights! i took the time to watch the video and it’s great!

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