UFO activity over Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada 19-Feb-2017


Here’s a new footage of a bright objects hovering in the sky above Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. This happened yesterday (19th February 2017).

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    • And YOU as a proven brainwashed mind cannot stop your stupid comments here???
      See, you even are unable to determine an assumed ‘plane’ from a light which is literally ‘glued into the skies’?
      Would be nice to get your explanation about this fact – how a plane can ‘hover’ in the air?

  1. All I see at center “above” the AFB is a police car with red flashing lights on highway 159. Highway 160 is to the left, 157 is to the right. The moving lights are cars on those highways. Note that they all follow exactly the same path. A daylight shot with the same view would show the highways clearly. Cars on these highways have been featured on other “UFO” videos shot at or near this location.

    There’s a lot of atmospheric disturbance causing all lights to flicker and flash. This makes the police car lights more dramatic than normal.

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