Another UFO Sighting Video In The Skies Above Gloucester Shows Up Online


Another video appears to show a UFO in the skies over Gloucestershire. Ryan Gribbon recorded it on March 13 at around 5 pm in Hucclecote, Gloucester. Many UFO enthusiasts say that it is a convincing footage.

The incident came after Rob Wheatman caught a video of a strange light in Elmbridge a few days ago.

Rob said that he noticed the strange light, which he described as a bright star, from the garden in Elmbridge, coming from the south. Rob, who zoomed in on the strange light, got more intrigued with the orange light that came from it that traveled quickly northeast.

He said his video recorder has a 40x zoom that is enough to get images of the bizarre light that he saw.

The lights are still unidentified and no explanations yet. Do you have suggestions of what the lights are?

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  1. The Dailymotion channel where that video is available, has some 100% fake videos on offer. That generally doesn’t bode well for that partuclar video as well.
    All one can say

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